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Orthopedic Buildups, Lift Inserts

Serving Worcester Massachusetts and surrounding communities, Carbonneau's Shoe Repair offers reasonably priced Orthopedic Build-ups and Lift Inserts.

We use durable and lightweight materials for all orthopedic build-ups, heel lifts and prescription work. All prices are minimum estimates

Please bring in your shoes for the most accurate quote Orthopedic build-ups or prescriptions.

Full Sole Build-ups

Starting at $40.00 for 1/4" build-ups up to $80.00 for 2" build-ups

Heel Build-ups

Starting at $16.00 for outside the shoe build-ups.

Heel Wedges

Starting at $10.00 for outer or inner heel wedges.

Sole Wedges

Starting at $15.00 for outer or inner sole wedges.

Heel Lifts

1/4" or 1/2" inside the shoe heel lift inserts start at $10.00


Call for estimates.

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